Ratings Archive: OVEREXPOSED

overexposed-logoWhen the Internet wasn’t around in 1992, people had to film their sexual encounters to watch them on a screen (or buy porn from a video store), when they wanted to get aroused. It’s interesting to notice that all my life, porn has been around, but when I was six, no one could even think about the possibility of the Internet being mostly for porn, and that tits and dicks are only two clicks away. Anyway, ABC aired OVEREXPOSED, a TV movie on Sunday, October 11, 1992, in which a sex tape gets a little hot and dangerous for the couple that is on the tape, after it has been circulated around town. When the couple can’t be helped by police or in a legal sense, the man on the video decides to take matters into his own hands.

20.0 million viewers (14.4/23 in Households) tuned into this (relationship) drama slash thriller that showed how easy men have it, when they just want to ruin the life of a woman they want revenge on. The only real competition this movie had was NBC’s TV move that aired at the same time. And sure, FOX aired MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN as well, which regularly dominated the 9:00pm (half) hour, but it seemed that even though the sitcom always generated a great buzz Sunday nights, it was never able to be #1 in the time slot (as it was the case here). OVEREXPOSED was successful enough to land on #17 in the weekly Nielsen charts, making it the most successful TV movie of the week that week.


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