Ratings Archive: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST [2012] (Season 1)

beauty-and-the-beast-s1-logoThe CW was in the business of remaking a beloved 1980s show no one seems to be able to remember, and no one seemed to be able to be interest in the 21st century update of a love story where beauty is not in the center of attraction. Except of course you’re the ugly man in this story, then it’s certain you will get the most prettiest girl in the world. Kind of like Kevin James’s sitcoms. Anyway, in this modern update of the Disney classic, the Beauty is a homicide detective, trying to solve the murder of her mother. The Beast is a pretty Afghanistan war veteran, who was supposed to be dead, yet is still alive and soon to be hunted down by a shady government agency that makes BEAUTY AND THE BEAST look like another version of DARK ANGEL. And of course, the Beauty’s dead mother and the Beast’s existence soon have a connection.

The first show that Mark Pedowitz developed after joining The CW started off quite solidly, especially since it aired against the Vice-Presidential debate (Joe Biden versus Paul Ryan) that day. But from the beginning it looked like audiences were not that interested in the show. Airing out of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST was unable to hold the audience and soon a dive in the 0.5/0.6 field of demo ratings. For the final few episodes of the season, the show slumped down even more, crashing below the 1.3 million viewers mark. But Pedowitz and the network were holding onto the show for another season. For some reason.

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