voices-from-within-logoAnother murder mystery filled up NBC’s 9:00pm timeslot on Monday, October 10, after a week ago, Markie Post needed to find out who killed her child in SOMEONE SHE KNOWS. JoBeth Williams was the “private investigator” this time around, and Corbin Bernsen was the man at her side who needed to help her in her “investigation”. This time: JoBeth’s sister was murdered, and the question of her killer’s identity has been asked. The title of this TV movie would essentially play on the twist of the story which I don’t wanna give away here, because it sounds ludicrous when read with your own eyes, but might be fun when watched on the small screen.

16.7 million viewers (12.6/20 in Households) tuned in for this thriller, which is a steep 8.9 million fewer viewers than last week’s 2-hour murder mystery turnout. It will probably be interesting to follow the ratings of TV movies on a week-to-week basis, considering they cost the network money as well, and it might have been a little difficult to promote them (and make money off of them), since really, you can promote TV movies only once or twice, while you have the chance to promote TV shows once a week. It would certainly be an interesting research topic, but I’m too lazy for that right now.


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