Ratings Archive: THE TOMORROW PEOPLE (Season 1)

the-tomorrow-people-s1-logoAt the same time The CW was firing up their DC TV universe, they were also getting their hands in TV show remakes. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE started off as a British children’s sci-fi show in the 1970s, before learning it can get a little more silly with a globalized update that was even more children’s show than before. With an overhaul of the show’s premise and idea, and a much older cast, The CW made THE TOMORROW PEOPLE a show about the three superpowers that start with a “T”: teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy. For The CW though, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE was never much of a success.

Even though the show came out of the gate with a manageable 0.9 rating in the target demo, it was apparent from the beginning that the low-rated network might have a few problems with the show. Science-fiction shows usually tend to attend more young viewers, but when a show starts this low already, only word-of-mouth can bring in a bigger audience, and THE TOMORROW PEOPLE never had any kind of word-of-mouth. As expected, the numbers went down, and even crashed below 1 million viewers at one point – not coincidentally after THE CW tried to save the show by scheduling it from its original day Wednesday to its new day Monday. When the change happened and the numbers remained low, it was obvious for anyone that the show would not live to see a second season. Especially since all the episodes that aired on Mondays had less viewers than the lowest-viewed episode that aired on Wednesdays (which happened to be the last episode before the change).

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