seeds-of-destruction-logoIn the middle of Syfy’s 2011 Halloween extravaganza, the network decided to do what they always do Saturday nights: air cheap TV movies that could be considered utter trash, but lovable if you know what to expect and love the trash genre in general. After all, the Saturday movie spot was the one during which the SHARKNADO movie series found love and appreciation. Back in 2011, on October 8, at 9:00pm, Syfy aired THE TERROR BENEATH, later to be retitled “Seeds of Destruction” for the home video market, which dealt with a gigantic system of roots that was about to crush through the surface and destroy cities. It was basically a monster movie without a monster.

1.827 million viewers watched the world-ending spectacle (plants growing past their prime and causing earthquakes and tsunamis) – 1.2 percent in Households and 0.5 percents with adults 18-49. It was not enough to astonish the viewers and keep the movie in good memory, and not good enough to start a series of movies. It needed a tornado with a shitload of sharks for Syfy to hit gold, and it says a lot about the $1 million TV movie business, when ever-growing ancient roots causing the world’s destruction are a better idea than sharks in a tornado…


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