Ratings Archive: JAY LENO’S GARAGE (Season 1)

jay-lenos-garage-s1-logoDuring his second tenure as the host of THE TONIGHT SHOW, Jay Leno had a bit of a side gig going on that was titled JAY LENO’S GARAGE: a web series on NBC.com focusing on his exquisite collection of old cars. After the end of his stint on THE TONIGHT SHOW in February 2014, CNBC morphed JAY LENO’S GARAGE into a primetime TV special that aired in August 2014, before eventually turning into a weekly show. Lovers of cars and Jay Leno had the opportunity to get their fix, which means I was out of his life. I kind of liked Jay Leno on THE TONIGHT SHOW between 2005 and 2008, when I watched as many shows as I could find online, but I fucking hate cars.

According to the Nielsen numbers though, there are quite a few hundreds of thousands of people loving cars, and having no trouble in Jay Leno talking about it for one hour a week. The premiere of JAY LENO’S GARAGE was sort of successful, with nearly a million viewers, but subsequent episodes landed where the show was supposed to be, as it seems. It’s weird though how the premiere had a low amount of viewers between 18-49. Even though the second episode lost more than 200,000 viewers, the 18-49 rating jumped up 75 percent. And the 18-49 percentage should remain a little higher than compared to what the first episode brought. That means not only old folks accidentally discovering that Jay Leno has a garage full of antique cars were watching the show, but maybe even some young folks were following him from NBC to CNBC, which seems a little surprising to me.

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