Ratings Archive: STORAGE WARS: MIAMI (Season 1)

storage-wars-miami-s1-logoWhat’s probably gonna be fun about this blog is looking into the ratings of successful show franchises no one cares about. And with show franchises, I mean reality TV franchises. There is the Kardashian family life, which aired for hundreds of episodes, there is DUCK DYNASTY, and maybe even MTV’s THE REAL WORLD, if the ratings are to be found. No to mention CBS’s competition shows THE AMAZING RACE, SURVIVOR and BIG BROTHER. Another reality TV franchise is A&E’s STORAGE WARS. I have no idea (yet) how the show started out ratings-wise in 2010, but let’s look at the numbers for the show’s sixth spin-off, set in Miami, which started airing in October 2015, right after an hour-long original STORAGE WARS.

Premiering with an hour-long special, before moving on to two half-hour back-to-back weeks after finally going on where the show was supposed to go on: at 10:30pm, after A&E had already aired two hours of different STORAGE WARS shows. Coming out of the gate with a most likely solid 0.37 rating in the target demo, the Miami spin-off quickly eroded and shelved off 50 percent off the demo within two weeks. And there are two probabilities why that happened: Two and a half hours of STORAGE WARS is simply too much for the average viewer, or the Miami cast was not that interesting. Maybe even the viewers were expecting alligators and cocaine to be behind the storage doors, but none were to be found, killing the suspense. Or maybe viewers heard about the arrest and murder charge of one of the show’s star’s son, which happened concurrently to the show’s airing. Fact is, A&E seemed a bit unhappy with the ratings, because even a year after the season’s airing, there is no word whether the show is cancelled or renewed for a second season.

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