Ratings Archive: EASY MONEY (Season 1)

easy-money-s1-logoBecause The CW was unable to get viewers to their Sunday blocks, the network decided to rent out the day to the media company MRC (Media Rights Capital – recently making the big bucks by producing FURIOUS 7 and Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS), who thought it might be a splendid idea to produce weekly television fare for one day a week – four hours for that day. The dramedy EASY MONEY was one of those shows exclusively produced for that new relationship between The CW and MRC, and it was easily the best-reviewed show of that four-show block. Unfortunately for everyone involved, The CW’s Sunday nights were a fucking disaster in 2008 and 2009. Not only were the shows not able to grab an audience, but in the case of the scripted shows (EASY MONEY and VALENTINE), productions for both of these shows had to be halted mid-October, so production can catch up with the script order. By mid-October though, the MRC block was pretty much cancelled already, albeit still airing.

A minimal amount of viewers meant a minimal amount of revenue for MRC, who were apparently not able to pay The CW for the contract they had, which is why the relationship between the two companies was terminated in November 2008. No questions about the MRC block of shows, which were immediately cancelled. Which was a shame in EASY MONEY’s case, because it was a good-enough show. It could have been developed and produced for HBO, but it as watered down for a broadcast network audience. So, here is a show no one remembers even existed, and which I loved during the very short time it was on the air. Because I seem to have an affinity for shows that lived the lifespan of a mayfly.

Interesting is that EASY MONEY actually ran quite, ehm, solid after it was cancelled. Even the repeats in November, before the contract termination, ran around 600,000 viewers – pretty much on the same level as the summer airings that The CW burned off on 7:00pm on Sundays, which, looking at the ratings, might have not been such a bad thing. Sure, the show was a huge flop, but the few dozens of viewers that found the show were interested. Well, I was one of them…

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