Ratings Archive: THREE RIVERS (Season 1)

three-rivers-s1-logoApril 2009 was the month ER went off the air after being a top rated show for most of its 15-year run. Networks were eager to fill the void left by the medical drama, which is why there was a sensation of various medical dramas premiering in the years after ER’s finale. CBS was one of the quicker networks, having ordered THREE RIVERS for the 2009 Fall season and MIAMI MEDICAL for the 2010 midseason. The latter would live the same fate the former was experiencing, meaning it’s not easy to put on a medical drama that was supposed to get around a dozen million viewers, huge points in the target demo, and live for at least six years.

THREE RIVERS premiered with abysmal numbers, which put the show in jeopardy from the beginning. It also didn’t help that the show was talked and written to death by the TV critics. Even I thought that the pilot, which according to the production codes might not have been the pilot after all,  was one of the worst I have ever seen (if that is true I don’t know, I might have to watch that episode of THREE RIVERS again, and I’m certainly not gonna touch that show). It’s a miracle that CBS needed a couple of weeks to realize that this is a huge flop, and that THREE RIVERS will never be the successor of ER the network was looking for. After the November sweeps, the show was officially cancelled. It returned during the summer months for burnoff episodes – which CBS could have spared themselves from, because as usual, there was no chance the show would attract an audience again.

One thing has to be said about the show though: It crashed, but it never burned. During the Fall season, the ratings were only dancing around 1.6 and 1.9, and the viewership numbers from the first and second episode were the high and low point. The show apparently had its base of loyal viewers…

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