Ratings Archive: THE MILLERS (Season 1)

the-millers-s1-logoCBS and their comedy efforts are always hit and miss. Most of the times they hit and were running for more than seven season, and sometimes they missed the target and were quickly forgotten. THE MILLERS was definitely one of the latter comedies, but CBS might have missed that memo entirely, when they renewed the Will Arnett starrer for a second season, even if the ratings showed that the show would never pull new viewers. Even though the network might have had hope in January 2014 that THE MILLERS might become a good show ratings-wise, equaling the pilot’s ratings, and delivering a viewership high, the numbers went down again.

They went down a little more even, when the show was about to hit the season finale. That’s what CBS might have missed in this case. Granted, the ratings looked solid enough for CBS and a new comedy, especially one with a good cast for television, but who really could have expected that two of the last three episodes would pull a 2.0 and 1.9 rating in the target demo, when the show was never really in danger to do so? That and the fact that the show was never a critics hit and watercooler show, a few executives might have thought about the possibility that a second season of THE MILLERS would go where TV shows usually die. No one can blame CBS for trying, but the signs were there…

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