Ratings Archive: SOMEONE SHE KNOWS

someone-she-knows-logoA murder mystery starring Markie Post and Gerald McRaney was the TV movie option NBC sent on the air on October 3, 1994, which had been based on the true story of the murder of 5-year-old girl Amanda Dawn Shaffer, whose murder would eventually be solved with the help of her mother, going against the system. Airing against MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL on ABC, as many TV movies would essentially do, it managed to grab not only a sizable audience, but crushed the competition that day. Which is probably not surprising, considering what that competition looked like. Football is always a wildcard, because you never know if the fixture is interesting enough for the viewers (Pittsburgh won against Houston that day), but CBS’s program of sitcoms and NORTHERN EXPOSURE was getting significantly older, and FOX was not having any kind of ratings luck with PARTY OF FIVE just yet.

25.6 million viewers (18.3/28 in Households) led to a clear win by the end of the day. And at the end of the week, SOMEONE SHE KNOWS was the most watched TV movie, landing on the fifth spot in the weekly Nielsen charts, in which NBC landed ten programs in the Top 20. Just not on #1 (ABC’s ROSEANNE took that honor), and NBC wasn’t the winning network that week either (CBS took that honor).


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