Ratings Archive: HOMELAND (Season 1)

homeland-s1-logoShowtime delivered its most successful TV premiere since DEAD LIKE ME, when the premium cable channel fired off HOMELAND into the world of thrilling television – a world, where scripted cable shows can be dense and successful, without delivering huge numbers to even be considered a hit by the untrained ratings eye. Yes, the numbers don’t look that special, when you look at them, but in 2011, these numbers were huge for Showtime, and these numbers meant that HOMELAND was the biggest rookie drama in the network’s history.

And it doesn’t even stop there. Despite the drop below the horizon of 1 million viewers for the second episode, the viewership was actually rising. Word of mouth was strong with this show, and by the second half of the season, the viewers found the show, and it situated itself between 0.4 and 0.5 in the target demo and around 1.2 and 1.3 million viewers. Showtime was happy, the producers were happy, the cast was happy to have a steady job, and television was happy that it had another great show i its hands. Then the season finale happened. Who really was expecting for the viewership to rise 22.5 percent for the season finale, making the show an even bigger success than it already was? Series finales can sing songs about ratings peaks like that, but the first season finale of a freshly established show that was still relying mostly on word of mouth? HOMELAND proved right there and then that it was destined to stay. As long as the writers were not fucking up and putting one of their teenage characters into a storyline everyone was sick of immediately…

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