Ratings Archive: STALKER (Season 1)

stalker-s1-logoCBS is not always trying hard enough to make their shows likable to a serious audience. STALKER had an intriguing premise (a necessary one as well, considering the harassment women generally receive every day, whether it’s online or on the streets), but the misogynistic views and ugly storylines made it hard for the viewers to find a real connection. But at least CBS tried to put together a crime procedural that isn’t just like any other on their network, and maybe that should be applauded. Just maybe though.

CBS put STALKER on Wednesday nights, leading out of CRIMINAL MINDS, which seems fitting. Two dark crime dramas on a day where usually not much happens. If STALKER would have been an acceptable show for the average audience, the show would have had no trouble finding strength on that time slot, but it seems like the audience was a little taken aback by STALKER from the beginning. The premiere ratings were already network-wide average (therefore, for CBS the show was underperforming), and the rest of the season danced around in the mid-1 rating in the target demo. Not good enough for CBS, and considering mixed to negative reviews coming from left and right, CBS might have had good reason to give the show up after the initial order. The network gave the show up before the season finished though. In mid-February, the show was put on a hiatus, three episodes before the finale, and “burned off” two months later on Monday nights.

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