Ratings Archive: THE MIDDLE (Season 1)

the-middle-s1-logoHere is a show I never understood why it became such a long-running comedy. I have watched a few episodes and never got into it, but that’s just probably my difficult taste for comedy television. But there is another reason why the longevity of THE MIDDLE is so surprising” The ratings have been a rollercoaster of emotions, going up and down like the show was sitting on a complicated swing set, always about to be broken in a way or another. Sure, the Fall of 2009 was the birth of ABC’s very successful Wednesday comedy block (MODERN FAMILY premiered as well), but THE MIDDLE always seemed to be back and forth. One day it was considered a sold performer, even outshining the solid pilot ratings at one point; another day it was close to be called a flop. It wasn’t, because of the many good days the show had, and because ABC already killed that other sitcom they’ve had on Wednesdays: HANK.

The show went into the stable ratings field with the final batch of episodes, making ABC hopeful that a second season might come out well in numbers, when airing out of MODERN FAMILY. In the meantime, I’m trying to find the time and interest to finally watch THE MIDDLE for real. Even after six years, it has never gotten out of the sleeper-hit slump, and it was never really a sleeper hit to begin with. THE MIDDLE could probably be considered a show that wouldn’t have existed for 6 years and more, if it wouldn’t have gotten on the air as a sibling to MODERN FAMILY.

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