Ratings Archive: THE HOME COURT (Season 1)

the-home-court-s1-logoIn my journey through 1980s and 1990s American television, every once in a while I find a show I have never heard of, look at the cast list, and figured this might be a great show to watch. THE HOME COURT is one of those shows. Okay, the cast is nothing to scream for, but Pamela Reed and Breckin Meyer playing single mother and oldest son could probably be entertaining. NBC thought the same and ordered the show, immediately putting it on Saturday nights, before the Baseball playoff season started. Which means it was to be expected that the scheduling would get fucked up a little. And it did.

The fourth episode was aired midweek, to get out of the way of Baseball and delivered a series high – after the show already started with less than modest numbers. Apparently NBC wasn’t interested much in THE HOME COURT to give it a proper chance, putting the show into a short hiatus after the first November episode and essentially waiting for the 1996 episodes to either perform better, or bad enough that NBC just needs to burn off the remaining episodes. The latter happened (obviously), and THE HOME COURT was quickly forgotten as a show, while it was still on the air. Like most shows that aired Saturday nights in the Spring months. NBC’s attitude with the show was witnessed with its final episode: Cancelled before the season was over, and randomly put into a day of June summer. Sometimes I cannot understand why networks give up one episode before the final nail in the coffin. Then I think about a possible reason: $$$

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