Ratings Archive: GRACE UNDER FIRE (Season 1)

grace-under-fire-s1-logoDuring the first half of the 20th century’s last decade, ABC celebrated one success after another with their sitcoms, which was a deciding factor in the network being thrown back into the fight for first place in the yearly Nielsen charts, after NBC took that trophy for multiple years in a row. ROSEANNE was taking the #1 spot in the weekly charts on Tuesdays, and HOME IMPROVEMENT was usually #2, airing on Wednesdays. Imagine ABC’s Must See Tuesday ads, if they would have decided to throw both programs together like NBC has been doing it on Thursdays for a long time already. Anyway, in 1993, another sitcom would join ABC’s top sitcoms in the top of the weekly charts, and it was a sitcom that didn’t have any problems in its first year.

GRACE UNDER FIRE started with good numbers, but it took the show a little while until it was considered a bona fide hit for ABC. Once it landed in the Top 3 of the week (the March 9 episode), but other than that, GRACE UNDER FIRE was a permanent occupant of the Top 10. It probably helped the show along that it got good reviews, adding more viewers after the holidays. Before the show went into a two-month long hiatus (to give midseason show ELLEN, which was known during its first season as THESE FRIENDS OF MINE, a shot), it pulled 30+ million viewers, a feat the show never managed to do in 1993. The only time it didn’t was during the Olympics, which were aired on CBS. And even though that viewership number is missing in my file, the rating almost guarantees that the number was pretty much close to the season average.

GRACE UNDER FIRE could have been a years-long hit for ABC, like HOME IMPROVEMENT and ROSEANNE were for ABC, and like FRIENDS would be for NBC the upcoming year. But then a few problems began to arise…

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