Ratings Archive: BETRAYAL (Season 1)

betrayal-s1-logoABC has been known to bring a few primetime soap operas onto their schedule in the second decade of the 21st century. And no one can really blame them. The soap elements of their successful shows worked both with the audience and with the critics, and primetime soap operas as a genre is something networks should try to put on more often, since you never know what kind of great drama there can be behind a bunch of sexualized characters, who seem like they haven’t gotten 20 minutes of action in five years. No wonder 2013 was the year for BETRAYAL, but maybe this show was not to the viewers’ liking. Or maybe ABC had a few too many primetime soap operas on their schedule that year. Because BETRAYAL never found an audience.

Quickly falling below the 1.0 ratings mark in the target demo, it seems like a miracle that ABC was hanging onto the show for the entire duration of the original order. But I guess that was the time of television not that long ago, when shows pulling these kind of numbers can’t just be yanked off the schedule, because repeats wouldn’t fare any better, and replacement programming scheduled for midseason weren’t ready yet. ABC fought through it, never thought about burning off the remaining episodes in the summer, and simply finished off the initial episode order. For a show that has never generated any buzz, ABC deserves a slow and quiet applause for this one.

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