Ratings Archive: NO ORDINARY FAMILY (Season 1)

no-ordinary-family-s1-logoBefore ABC was about to dunk their heads into the pool of Marvel TV shows, they have tried to get the superhero premise and make a family show out of it, which kind of worked, and which kind of didn’t. A pilot that went way too fast with the superhero premise, NO ORDINARY FAMILY developed into a show that was solid enough for network television, but nothing the viewers would be interested in in the long run. That the latter would be the case was shown by the opening ratings. Only slightly above 10 million viewers for an 8:00pm show, and only slightly above the 3.0 ratings mark in the target demo. From here on it was obvious that NO ORDINARY FAMILY would have to fight to stay alive in the mid-2 area, which the show did not succeed in doing.

By the end of the show’s run, NO ORDINARY FAMILY, not doing anything promising out of its premise, crashed and burned. That ABC didn’t have much trust in the show later on shows the episode reduction order from 22 to 20 in February, and the fact that the show’s two stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz have signed off on CBS shows for the 2011 Fall season, essentially guaranteeing that ABC would have no reason to give NO ORDINARY FAMILY another shot, even on another time slot or on another day. Which ABC already tried during the latter stage of the season, and as you can see, it did not help the show at all.

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