Ratings Archive: PRINCESSES (Season 1)

princesses-s1-logoBefore Fran Drescher became a sitcom star with THE NANNY, CBS gave her a job on their Friday night sitcom PRINCESSES, which quickly became a problem not only in the weekly Nielsen charts, but also behind the camera. Apparently, CBS never had any trust in the show and its cast and allegedly created a working environment that would help the show get shitcanned quickly. Obviously, only five of eight produced episodes were aired, but CBS didn’t even “win” here. One of the stars of the show, Julie Hagerty, walked off the set after four produced episodes, and it was later apparent that CBS wanted to retool the show by recasting the stars, and essentially making a different show out of it. Fran Drescher, who learned of this plan, wanted to negotiate her stay on the show, by having Hagerty recast only, but CBS didn’t care. It was a good thing that PRINCESSES premiered with dismal numbers already, so a cancellation was quicker and easier and cheaper than giving Fran Drescher and her friend and co-star Twiggy a chance to salvage the show for another handful of episodes.

Not much later, Drescher accidentally landed in a pitch meeting with CBS programming head Jeff Sagansky, whom she tried to compromise the recasting of Julie Hagerty with, and pitched him a show that would eventually become THE NANNY. And off she went to become a sitcom star, and never to be anything else than that, if you think about it.

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