Ratings Archive: MASTERCHEF JUNIOR (Season 1)

masterchef-junior-s1-logoThere isn’t really much to say about FOX’s MASTERCHEF spinoff starring children and teenager, who might as well be slaved to cook meals for judges who probably don’t care about what show they are judging on right now. You might wanna discuss how a reality competition with minors might work on network television, when they can be as tense and terrifying as MASTERCHEF or maybe even HELL’S KITCHEN, but I can’t do that, because I haven’t watched a single second of this show, so I don’t know what it looked like at the end, and if the kids were happy with the results on the plates.

The viewers were obviously interested in the show. It started with solid numbers on a Friday night, and never crashed and burned. In fact, the ratings stayed pretty much the same after the usual and normal drop-off after the first episode, and the short season even ended on a little high note. I’m almost sure the ratings might have crushed the high of the series premiere, if the season would have been a couple of episodes longer. MASTERCHEF JUNIOR is pretty much a little unexpected success for FOX. More than stable ratings on a Friday night, and this with a reality TV show? Throw the second season right after this one, FOX…

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