Ratings Archive: GOOD & EVIL (Season 1)

good-evil-s1-logoAfter four years of SOAP in the 1970s, creator Susan Harris and ABC thought it was time for a wild parody of a soap opera. Over-the-top stories, characters who were never supposed to be realistic, and a tone that intentionally made you roll with your eyes. For example, the show started off with the return of main character Denise’s husband, who was presumed dead after a fall off Mt. Everest. But he was found frozen on the mountain, thawed out by mountain climbers, and returned home with revenge on his mind. Something to laugh about, really. It could have been a good thing that the show was only a half-hour sitcom, because I wouldn’t know if I would have loved that silliness an hour a week, especially if I would have known four years of SOAP beforehand.

GOOD & EVIL started off sort of solid. Even though 14 million viewers were nothing to talk about back in 1991, ABC might have hoped that a mediocre start didn’t mean the show would immediately sink into a ratings hole. But that eventually happened, and GOOD & EVIL quickly found itself in the bottom part of the weekly Nielsen charts. The show didn’t survive the initial episode order, the production was cancelled, and with it the show. Five episodes remained unaired and are probably lost somewhere in ABC’s archives. Today, the show is entirely forgotten and no one cares about this part of ABC’s history. Probably not even the former cast members, which included Seth Green and Teri Garr. Which is why it will live out its life on this blog.

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