Ratings Archive: BEN AND KATE (Season 1)

ben-and-kate-s1-logoOne of the 21st century comedies I liked and was sad to see get cancelled after half a season. I would have loved to continue seeing the trials and tribulations of the siblings and their friends, with a probably genius child character in the middle, who actually behaved like a normal child every once in a while. Also, BEN AND KATE had Dakota Johnson, before she became connected to the Fifty Shades saga, which I can’t get anything out of (not even the nudity).

The show wasn’t a success for FOX from the beginning. Even though it started off with kind of solid ratings, that never meant the show would stay above the 2.0 mark in the target demo. One of the reasons FOX wasn’t cancelling the show outright was simply because their comedy slate was anything but successful (NEW GIRL being an exception, but even that show’s ratings were dismal, compared to how it started). But the network saw that BEN AND KATE would never get past the 1.5 rating mark ever again, so the ending after 13 episodes was a done deal. Still, the studio had three more episodes ordered for whatever reason. Those never aired on US television, but found an airing in the UK two months after the show’s silent cancellation.

If BEN AND KATE would have started three years later with these ratings, the show would have survived without a problem, and I would have been able to watch a second season of my back-then beloved comedy almost no one was watching or talking/writing about.

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