Ratings Archive: GET A LIFE (Season 1)

get-a-life-s1-logoA collection of comedians in front and behind the camera, GET A LIFE sort of developed into a cult sitcom over the years, even if it might be one of the shows no one even remembers existed. Still, starring and co-created by LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN writer Chris Elliott, and written by names like Charlie Kaufman and Bob Odenkirk, FOX gave professional comedians and comedic weirdos a shot at delivering a primetime comedy show that is all kinds of weird and surreal. And FOX really did not want the show to happen. Thanks to the surrealistic and weird-for-network-TV tone of the show, the executives hated it and found it disturbing that Elliott’s character was as insane as the show depicted. For this reason, there was always trouble in getting the show on the air.

Airing on FOX’s successful Sunday block, with MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN and THE SIMPSONS delivering the big ratings, GET A LIFE sort of became a silent performer late at night, starting with solid ratings and viewership numbers and actually staying that way. It turned out to be that 1991 wasn’t much of a year for the show, losing some viewers and letting the show slip down the weekly Nielsen charts. It can be seen as a surprise though that a show with this kind of tone, in which the main character dies about a dozen times, stayed this solid for FOX, considering the bigger part of their line-up couldn’t deliver these kind of numbers at all. At the end, FOX might have hated the show, but not enough to outright cancel it. A 13-episode second season was ordered for the following season.

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