Ratings Archive: GOING PLACES (Season 1)

going-places-s1-logoABC’s Friday night sitcom GOING PLACES had quite a history throughout its one-year run. The show was the fourth part of the previously established TGIF block that was entirely programmed of shows produced by Miller/Boyett Production (the other three being FULL HOUSE, FAMILY MATTERS, and PERFECT STRANGERS), but due to its mature-oriented premise (the TV business!), it was never able to capture the audiences like the other three shows did every Friday night. ABC wasn’t happy with the show, which is why halfway through the season, a retooling was executed. Gone was the Candid Camera-like premise from the first few episodes, and all of a sudden the main characters found themselves not only part of a talk show-within-a-show, but also surrounded by youthful characters (two preteen characters were added after the retooling), giving GOING PLACES the tone the other three TGIF sitcoms had. Within half a season, the mature-oriented show wasn’t any longer mature-oriented.

That apparently helped the ratings, because a few viewers were finding the show, spiking the ratings, and giving ABC hope that GOING PLACES might become somewhat of a hit. Still, the show was put on a hiatus, because ABC needed to find out if they can change their TGIF lineup and put one established show from that night to Tuesdays, to replace WHO’S THE BOSS?, which wandered to Saturdays. Midseason replacement BABY TALK was so successful in the GOING PLACES timeslot, it gave ABC something earnest to think about. Instead of giving the somewhat modest (and already retooled) GOING PLACES another season, the network went with the much more successful BABY TALK for next year’s TGIF (and FULL HOUSE went on to lead the Tuesday block). In addition, thanks to the good slate of sitcom pilots (HOME IMPROVEMENT was one of them), there was not only no more room for GOING PLACES, but there was literally no reason for ABC to give this show another shot, when it already hasn’t worked out for half a season before.

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