Ratings Archive: ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE (Season 1)

accidentally-on-purpose-s1-logoBack in 2009, it was normal for CBS to think about cancelling a show that regularly pulls a 3.0 and up in the sought-after target demographic. Not even seven years later, these kind of numbers would constitute a ratings hit, and even a network like CBS would be happy to deliver these kind of numbers on a regular basis with a new show. But in 2009, ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, a sitcom about how an accidental pregnancy must not be as accidental as it sounds like, was constantly threatened to be pulled off the air, because the numbers were not good enough for CBS standards. In 2009 though that doesn’t mean anything. THE BIG BANG THEORY and TWO AND A HALF MEN were the flagship sitcom program for the network, and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was nothing but a sleeper waiting to become a hit – and in the meantime, GARY UNMARRIED was just shitcanned, while RULES OF ENGAGEMENT was dragged along with each new season.

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE was not that show. A back-9 was not ordered (instead only five additional episodes were ordered), and three episodes before the finale, CBS put the show on a hiatus to accommodate the midseason return of RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and placed the show from Mondays to Wednesdays. Together with THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, the Jenna Elfman vehicle was cancelled, due to low ratings (easy decision) and CBS’ decision to cancel the Wednesday comedy block and create a Thursday comedy block instead (complex decision).

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