Ratings Archive: THE FLASH (Classic Series, Season 1)

the-flash-1990-s1-logoWith the 21st century reimagining going strong for The CW and having given them the idea to create an entire DC TV universe, some might forget that the show existed in the 1990s already. CBS, an affiliate in of the Warner company, which owns DC Comics, brought the Scarlet Speedster to television in 1990s, after it already tried to establish a few other comic superheroes back in the 1970s – some with success (THE INCREDIBLE HULK had five seasons of anger issues; and WONDER WOMAN fought for justice on CBS for two seasons after snatching the show from ABC, who didn’t want to renew it after its first year) and some without (14 episodes of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN exist, and Stan Lee hates them all). The two-hour pilot movie felt like an actual comic book movie in the vein of Tim Burton’s BATMAN movies, yet it wasn’t enough for the viewers to be kept interesting.

Then again, the baseball season might have killed THE FLASH a few episodes after it began. After the second episode, the show went into a two-week hiatus, and never got any traction from then on. CBS was patient though, even though the show was never even close to be part of the upper half of the weekly Nielsen charts. But it was to be expected that CBS’s patients would wear thin, and so the network buried the show on Saturdays starting March 1991. And even here, the show jumped between the 8:00pm and the 10:00pm timeslot – confusing times for a comic book show to win audiences.

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