Ratings Archive: THE EVENT (Season 1)

the-event-s1-logoDon’t tell me that broadcast networks were looking for heavily serialized dramas, when pretty much everyone was looking for the successor to LOST, after ABC sent it off with a little bang in May 2010. THE EVENT came out at a time when the networks were looking for a carbon copy IMMEDIATELY and needed it to be a hit. Especially after FLASHFORWARD and V didn’t prove to be hits at all, even after they have premiered with splendid numbers. THE EVENT made it clear from the beginning though that it would never be a successful LOST clone. Coming out of the gate with a (for the genre and hyped-up buzz) modest 3.6 rating in the sought-after target demographic, and quickly falling where probably most people were expecting the show to land in the long run.

But it went even further down for THE EVENT. The split-season method, which every network should pick up for heavily serialized dramas, didn’t help THE EVENT at all. Instead it seemed to made it easier for the remaining viewers to forget all about the show and wait for the next carbon copy of LOST to appear on TV, because THE EVENT was certainly not it. One thing you have to respect the show for though: Its lifetime ended with a little spike in ratings. The 1.6 rating for the finale were the highest in the second half of the show. Apparently some left-out viewers still wanted to know what all the fuzz was about.

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