Ratings Archive: 2 BROKE GIRLS (Season 1)

2-broke-girls-s1-logoIt doesn’t happen often when you put the premiere of your brand new sitcom behind the season premiere of a much talked-about sitcom, waiting to crush the ratings again, because as it happened, the former star of that sitcom just went crazy. It is most likely forgotten already that 2 BROKE GIRLS premiered out of Ashton Kutcher’s first episode on TWO AND A HALF MEN, giving the CBS show about the titular girls with no money at all a chance to impress viewers right out of the gate. And it sort of worked. Granted, 2 BROKE GIRLS could only hold two thirds of the TWO AND A HALF MEN audience for the 9:30pm premiere, but the 9:00pm numbers were so huge, it nearly didn’t matter for CBS and 2 BROKE GIRLS.

After that, the show went to its regular timeslot on 8:30pm, solidifying its existence in the crowded Monday schedule and getting regular 4.0+ ratings in the sought-after demographic. Of course the numbers dwindled down a little starting with the spring months, but that seems to be the norm these days. As long as your one-hour season finale is not the lowest-rated episode of the season, everything is fine – that’s the unwritten rule. Unfortunately for 2 BROKE GIRLS, they didn’t care much, and its season finale became the lowest-rated episode of the season. One battle lost. But the show stayed on and became something of a solid fighter in the CBS sitcom slate.

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